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There are several different treatments for psoriasis. In this decision aid you will receive information about the harms and benefits of two types of treatments: pills and injections. These treatments are available for people who did not respond to ointments or light therapy. They are also an option if your doctor thinks that ointments or light therapy might not work for you. This decision aid helps you think about what is important to you. This way you can prepare for the conversation with your doctor and together you can choose the treatment that suits you best.

You can print this decision aid. That way you can read it all again later and discuss it with your family or friends. Would you lilke to make notes? Press the blue button 'Notes' at the bottom of the page.

This text has received the quality mark Gewone Taal (plain language) from the Stichting Makkelijk Lezen (Easy to Read Foundation). This means the decision aid is easy to read for everyone.


PatientPlus decision aids are being developed with great care. The decision aids are developed using the international IPDAS standards. When developing and implementing our decision aids, we use the ‘'Leidraad keuzehulp bij richtlijnen’' and the most recent scientific literature. We create the content in close collaboration with health care professionals and patients. We approach the corresponding scientific and patient assciations, asking them to be involved during the development as well.

You can read more about the development and implementation of our decision aids here.


Dr. E.M. Baerveldt (dermatologist), dr. M.C.S. Boshuizen (PatientPlus), dr. D. Determann (PatientPlus), I. van Ee (patient representative), drs. W.J.A. de Kort (dermatologist), drs. G.E. van der Kraaij (research doctor), drs. P. Smeets (assistant doctor dermatology), prof. P.I. Spuls (dermatologist), G. Tafuni (patient representative), dr. T. Teunis (PatientPlus).

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Version 25-10-19

The Dutch Society for Dermatology and Venereology (Nederlandse Vereniging voor Dermatologie en Venereologie) developed the psoriasis decision aid through funding from the Quality Assurance Medical Specialists Foundation (Stichting Kwaliteitsgelden Medisch Specialisten). The financier had no influence on the content of the decision aid. The working group that worked on the decision aid was chaired and supported by P.I. Spuls and G.E. van der Kraaij. During the past 2 years P.I. Spuls has been on the advisory board of the pharmaceutical company Sanofi once (unpaid). P.I. Spuls and G.E. van der Kraaij also take part in clinical studies researching products from several pharmaceutical companies. W.J.A. de Kort is on the advisory board of the following pharmaceutical companies: Abbvie, Celgene, Janssen, UCB, Novartis and Eli Lilly. W.J.A. de Kort has also taken part in clinical studies researching products from several pharmaceutical companies. The other authors have stated that they have no conflict of interest. The complete ICMJE Conflict of Interest Forms of the authors and employees of PatientPlus are available on request.